Things To Keep in Mind While Choosing the Bed for Your Cat


Being a cat owner, you might know that cats love to sleep all day. Similarly, you might be unaware that selecting a perfect bed for your cat is an essential aspect of cat care. However, choosing the bed for your pet can be a critical task and takes a lot of your time

Before selecting a bed for your cat, you must get a thorough review and determine the features of the bed. Similarly, the essential thing while choosing the bed for you and your cat is the design that goes with your space.

A cat will spend most of her time in bed sleeping. Therefore, you must get her a bed that is comfortable and homey as possible. Selecting the best pet bed for your cat can be a puzzling experience because if it does not like the bed, it will sleep someplace else.

Research by Mayo Clinic found that people who share the bed with their pets experience disrupted sleep. Therefore, you must focus on buying a bed for your cat.

Following are some features that you can consider while picking the bed for your pet.

Purchase The Right Size and Type of Your Pet

People make the mistake of picking up the wrong bed too often. Cats usually alternate in the way they sleep as they might curl up or stretch themselves long. Therefore, while buying a bed for the cat, the owner must pick the bed that is physically large enough to accommodate the cat.

You can also save yourself from making such mistakes by measuring the cat. It will give you the information, and the bed will not be too small or cramped for the cat. Moreover, if the bed is large enough, it will allow the cat to stand up and turn around while being suitably snug at the same time.

Similarly, it would help if you considered the bed shape you are buying for your cat. There can be a lot of shapes and different types available in the market. Most conventional offerings are wicker baskets and flatbeds, but people have recently liked to buy the beds with enclosed slides.

The most famous beds are condo-style walk-in beds, igloo beds, hooded beds, and donut beds. Cats like these beds as they feel safe and secure in them. Similarly, there are many other types of beds that you can choose, like the radiator bed that your cat will love in winters because of the warmth.

Purchase The Bed with Appropriate Material

Cats are very delicate animals and can be susceptible to allergies. You should keep it in mind while spending your money buying a bed for them. Ensure to pick a bed that does not aggravate them.

Similarly, carefully check the new bed's material for your pet to prevent your cat from getting allergies. Buy beds with natural fabric like wool or cotton. Also, ensure that the bed is comfortable, breathable, and does not accumulate excess moisture. Such beds will not cause discomfort to your cat. Moreover, as the bed will be moist resistant, there will be fewer chances of mold growth, and the bed will stay odorless over time.

However, these are not the only things that you should consider. Other items include the quality of the bed. The bed should be firm and does not fall apart quickly as it can be dangerous for cats. The cats are usually curious about everything, and they might swallow the loose pieces of fabric coming out of the bed.

However, if your cat's bed comes with any pieces that come off quickly, ensure that you detach them from the bed. It will help you avoid a lot of hassle in the long run.

If you want to select the heated bed, ensure that it is harmless to use. Another thing to inspect is that the heating unit of the bed has an approving certificate by the underwriter's laboratory. Such laboratories test electronic products, and if they approve the bed, then you can buy it.

Ensure That the Bed Is Easy to Wash

As the cat will spend a lot of time in the bed, the bed must be easy to maintain. You should check if the bed is machine washable or not before buying it. It will help you save a lot of time and hassle. Moreover, you will have peace of mind that your cat is sleeping in a safe environment.

Therefore, you should seek comfort rather than choosing a bed that is eye-catch as it will make you regret your decision soon. Moreover, you might have to buy a new bed or spend a lot of time fixing it.

Buy a Bed with Heating Feature

Buying a bed that you can power with electricity is the best choice. Moreover, the beds that you can heat in the microwave are also good. Similarly, there are cat beds available in the market that trap the body heat of the cat. These beds are beneficial as your cat will love the naturally warm habitat.

Another benefit of the heated beds is that they can help the cat that suffers from arthritis. You can find the beds that are specifically designed for this purpose as well.

Buy a Comfortable Bed

The cat will not need to sleep in the lap of luxury, but a comfortable bed can be beneficial. The reason is that if the bed you provide you to your cat is not comfortable enough, it will prefer to sleep someplace else. You should find a cozy home for her and not just a box for your pet.

Bottom Line

A cat sleeps for about 16 to 20 hours a day. Therefore, if you want to prevent it from sleeping on your bed, couch, or any other piece of furniture, think of buying a pet bed. Your cat will enjoy sleeping in the cat bed.

You should keep in mind the features, size, style, and material of the bed. Similarly, you might want additional features in a bed like a heated bed or perches. After selecting the bed for your cat, you can put it in a place that your cat likes the most.

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